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Louisville Credit Repair is a credit repair company located in Kentucky. We provide credit repair services to clients nationwide with an emphasis on Louisville and the surrounding KY areas. Louisville Credit Repair offers a free consultation with a trained credit repair specialist for any of your credit repair work. Our credit consultants in Louisville Kentucky are standing by to assist you with your credit related issues including identity theft, student loans, debt settlement and the removal of inaccurate negative remarks on your credit report such as late payments, judgments, bankruptcy and collection accounts.

Your credit score is the most important three-digit number in your life. We offer credit and financial consulting and work to raise your credit score so you can recover and save thousands to hundreds of thousands on your mortgage, credit cards, auto loan, car insurance and more. By fixing errors on your credit report you will be eligible for better interest rates because of your improved credit score. Louisville Credit Repair is the #1 Credit Repair Restoration company in Louisville Kentucky. We work with the three major credit bureaus directly; Experian, Equifax & Transunion. We offer a FREE Consultation with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Louisville Credit Repair works with you on devising an action plan for things you can do to improve your credit score. We educate you every step of the way so you know how you can continue to manage your credit long after your time with us.

During this entire process, you are able to login to your file 24/7 to view recent activity, messages from our staff, and to see what negative items have been removed from your report. The most important part is that everything we do to raise your score is 100% legal.

With an average credit score increase of 60-100 points, our clients have the opportunity to save hundreds of thousands on their mortgage, credit card bills or even their car insurance. Louisville Credit Repair is Louisville Kentucky’s #1 trusted Credit Repair Company.

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